Down here in New Zealand, we are about to go into Covid-19 Lockdown, with a capital L.

Well, semi-lockdown. Supermarkets will remain open. 

Apparently a lot pf people didn’t get the memo, our neighbour just reported a queue to get in to our local. I did a quick shop last night on the way home from the trails, and was amazed to see people are STILL hoovering up the toilet paper. In our little island paradise, a lot of stuff gets imported. But not toilet paper. The stuff is made 40 minutes from where we sit. That last word is possibly missing an H, but this is a family newsletter. 

Nzo will go into Lockdown in a close facsimile of our normal behaviour. I walk across the yard to the barn. I sit in the office for some part of the day, and wander back to the house at intervals for sustenance. I answer emails, send emails, check stuff. 

We still process orders!

Currently, that is going at normal pace, delivery might take a day or two longer than usual.

The Lockdown rules include the right to go out alone, and take some exercise. Although it is better to have a posse, from now until further notice, we ride alone! 

We maintain a 2m space around ourselves at all times. 

If you catch me on a trail, send me a text. 

I will stop to look at it, at which time you can effect your pass. Obviously, I will have to move 1.5m into the foliage before you can do that, so please be patient.