Don't try this at home


When Nzo got started we had a shop of our own. It was a long shot, there were nowhere enough mountain bikers to support that idea at the time, but we learned a lot.

One of the very good things about that proto-shop was the opportunity it provided for yakking with mountain bikers about mountain biking.

These days Nzo occupies the front corner of a shop here in Rotorua. The other day I happened to be visiting and a couple wandered in to browse.

Soon enough we were yakking about mountain biking. The visitor had come for a conference, and brought his bike. The weather was really bad, but like anybody on a tight schedule, he went riding anyway.

He had good couple of days in the local patch, he even reckoned the second day was dry. I took his word for that, it had looked pretty dank to me so I stayed home.

He had high praise for his Nzo ZipOff Dusters. Like me, he has been pleasantly surprised by how nice they are to ride in.

That was not the high point of his report. The first day he spent in the trails was very wet, and he arrived back in his motel covered in mud. He washed his Dusters by hanging them up in the shower and hosing them off with the shower spray.

He claimed they were dry enough by the next morning to use for a second outing. I am not sure about that. I certainly wouldn’t promote overnight drying in a wet shower cubicle as a product feature, but I am willing to take our customer’s word on the wearability of the pants. He did qualify the dryness claim by saying that they felt better after they had warmed up a bit.

But whatever, he had a great ride in a forest and a pair of pants that were both dry enough to suit him.